If you’re hoping to save labour on MOT tests, you need to consider getting Automated Test (ATL) lanes. We’re here to help!

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We have years of experience in providing ATL packages, and we offer you nothing but the best in technical know-how and ATL installations.

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  • We provide efficient installation of all ATL equipment.
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  • VOSA certification ensures that your equipment will pass muster.
  • Our service and efficiency ensures that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.
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ATL Equipment for sale

OPTL Upgrade:


This option is perfect for those workshops who do not have the space (or the budget to go to FULL ATL Status)

This essentially can be done by Upgrade the current Lift or PIT formation with an ATL Lift equipped with Play Detectors & Radius Plates and usually involved needing a set of convex Mirrors and a brake Pedal Depressor also for a small additional cost.

You can then benefit from only having ONE MAN to do the test. I.e. “One Person Test Lane”

ATL Automated Test Lane:


  • Class 4 ATL Standard
  • Class 4 ATL PIT
  • Class 4 on a scissor Lift

All our class 4 Test Lanes are available if Manufacturer Supplied Single Phase electricity. So no need to panic if you don’t have 3 phase on site. You don’t need to start spending £1000’s of pounds on convertors or Invertors!!

Class 7 ATL Standard


  • Class 7 With LWB 5.7mtr lift
  • Class 7 ATL with EXTRA LWB 6.5Mtr Lift
  • Class 7 ATL with Scissor Lift
  • Class 7 ATL on a PIT

All the above are available with the optional addition of class 1&2 – Motorcycle Testing also.

Various other optional Extras are available and can be discussed with your dedicated Project Manager, Please feel free to discuss with them.

Why choose ATL instead of standard MOT equipment?
Standard equipment requires more than one technician in order to test a vehicle. ATL lifts and equipment can be operated by a single technician saving you time and money.
Choose an OPTL (One Person Test Lane) upgrade. Garages that make use of this technology are getting great savings. This could be your business!

We’ll guide you every step of the way
Whether you’re just starting up or are making changes to an existing facility, you will need to get through a certain amount of red tape. We know how to ensure that you get your approval first time every time.
Get a hassle free installation and quick approval when you choose V-Tech.

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